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Full Steam Ahead

I know, I said an emotional goodbye, some have compared it to Rose letting jack go at the end of the Titanic but it turns out my love affair with running isn’t as dead as first thought (everyone sing Celine Dion here).

Like my love for Greys anatomy this love cannot die, even when key characters get the chop and story lines get a little complex my love remains, running will apparently always be apart of my life. But where I had a mammoth series break I have come back out of shape and basically started back at the beginning of everything. Last week I went for my first “long” run 7.5 miles at a very comfortable pace, now there was a time not too long ago where 7.5 miles was a warm up, a tempo run, a recovery run or even an easy run to push yourself on. This time has passed, its got older, tired, unfit and slightly heavier then before, 7.5 miles is now a long run, a run just to reach the end of. Anyway I went on my “long” run and enjoyed every step of it, it was dark and my love of running in the dark is as deep as my love of slippers (slippers are not just for winter FYI). The dark means its just you, running in that moment, not having to look at how ridiculously far you have to run, its  just that moment in the dark. Its easier to breath in the dark and there’s all those moments where you could get kidnapped to constantly distracted you from the running part of the run. So many moments to be had, so you clear your mind and burn some calories and hope you don’t get kidnapped until your back home again, having completed a great run. I was feeling pretty chipper……

…. then I thought ooo I’ll look to see how I was doing this time last year…….

being chipper fucked right off, I was shit compared to last year. I was well over one minute per mile slower then long up hill runs last year, shocking. I was shocked but the good kind of shocked, shocked into action kind of shocked (instead of the go back to bed and cry kind shocked that normally plagues me). Its time to get back to where I should be, no more “its fine, I ran a marathon in April” if I keep using that as an excuse I’ll be 25 stone overweight unable to get through my own from door, but its fine because I ran a marathon 16 years ago. Nope future fat moo moo wearing Emma dies today, its not to late to change, I can bring this back.

So brining it back I am, no more excuses its back to training again and a strict diet until I loose the beginning of fat Emma. I’m not running a marathon again but would like to do well at the half marathon in February, I say well, well for me, well for me is pushing until I break and then drink a red bull, trotting off and smash the half marathon and my expectations, nothing less will do for a Callister WAG.

So Monday was sprints will the other Callister WAG (oh hi there!) and today is spin, Friday is sprints and Saturday is another long run, give me a few months and I’ll be back to my fast paced up hill runs.

Full disclosure, I had a whisper at lunch, fat Emma is hard to keep quiet. #thestruggleisreal

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