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Third Times A Charm

Its a saying we’ve all heard before and it kind of goes hand in hand with practice makes perfect. I am person that has no natural ability at anything, I don’t take to anything like a duck to water, I’m more of a uncoordinated baby giraffe trying to take its first steps. Limbs tend to fly in all directions and you do not know if I’m going to make it or stumble and die at any moment, but in a cute way. My only talent is being able to fit in an easy jet seat and take a nap, and this is a talent that does come in handy and my husband is very envious of ūüôā But other then napping I have to work hard at what ever I do, everything takes so much practise and at the beginning I always look like its¬†a hopeless mess and I¬†will never get the hang of it. So I practise, and practise and push and practise until finally one day I will crack it, my uncoordinated limbs will click and work as a team, its a miracle to behold.

Last year I trained and ran the Brighton Half Marathon in preparation for running a full marathon in the future. It was my first half marathon and I trained for 3 months to get myself ready. People told me I was ready, I was fast and I could do it, it would be a breeze. It was not a breeze, it was the hardest thing I have ever done, at every step my body was seizing up and I wanted to cry. I actually wanted to scream at the supporters that no I couldn’t do it and it was hard. And yet here I was this year, doing it all over again. A run I had hated, but practise does make perfect. It was raining and it was windy but I had done windy wet rains for 18 miles so this was going to be a walk in the park, right?

It was easy, it was a walk in the park. The first two miles I was not in the mood and just grumpily ran alone¬†with the pack, but after¬†a while I got into the swing of things and started to push myself. I saw my husband and soggy doggies about half way and that’s always a welcome lift, and its nice to know your going to get some decent photos. The wind was in our favour, it was against us most the time but it did mean the last 3 miles it was pushing us along. And that’s all I thought about as I was running sub 8 minute miles, its okay because the winds pushing me. It was nice to have some drinks along the way, I normally don’t run with¬† liquids as it makes me feel sick so it was a real treat to be handed refreshments as I was going. I was waiting to hit a wall that never came,¬†at the final stretch I felt so good I¬†sprinted, I could see the finish line and the big clock at the finish line and I knew I was going to beat my previous time. I finished at¬†1:49:02 just¬†under 5 minutes then¬†my time last year, and I was please with my time last¬†year and¬†this¬†time I didn’t think I was going to die!¬†My only down point was that I needed a wee the whole time, but I do have a very small bladder so its something I should get used to.

The next day it was back to training as usual, I was back in the gym running 5 easy miles up hill. There’s no rest for the wicked or the uncoordinated and naturally untalented.

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