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A Running God

Yesterday was my  first and hopefully only 17 mile run, its my longest run to date in my life and I don’t mind saying I owned that run. I was a running god, my feet just kept on going and at no point did I think I was going to die, it was lovely, not thinking your going to die is lovely. The conditions where not great, it was freezing cold and foggy. My hair  started the run in a long swishy pony tail, swaying from side to side with my running stride like a prize winning dressage horses mane. So fog is actually soggy, as I was running and my swishy majestic pony tail was actually getting wet and the swishing was actually causing it to get matted, and more matted until it resembled a massive dreadlock rather then a horses mane. It was so big and matted I couldn’t get my hairband out at the end, I had to cut it out and spend half an hour trying to brush my hair back to normality, I then put a treatment on my hair and hoped it  would make a full recovery. My other issue was generally getting soggy, running for over 2 1/2 hours in the fog means by the end your just generally wet and my clothes seemed to relish in soaking up as much moisture as they could, knitted gloves were not a great idea. A plus for fog is that I didn’t get thirsty, 17 miles and I did not get thirsty, it seems impossible but I think I just didn’t sweat as much , by the end I really needed a wee so maybe some how I managed to soak up some water. If that’s possible, I don’t think it is.

So running in the fog is boring, you can’t see very far ahead so there’s nothing to look at, so its boring, I was so bored. At mile 10 I wanted to give up and go home, not because it was hard or my pony tail was getting to big but because I was bored. To my amazement after getting over the boredom aspect I didn’t really struggle to much on the actual run, I found I could just keep going. Don’t get me wrong I did have breaks but only really for a few seconds and just to blow my nose or get a stone out my shoe. As it went it was not my worse run, which for my longest I was surprised at. You get used to thinking that every long run will be harder then last because its longer, but that’s not the case, it gets to a level where its hard, but you don’t cry, you just run. I don’t relish being out running for that amount of time and if I wasn’t training for a marathon I would not be doing it. I do not wake up in the morning and think ooo i’ll go out and run for nearly three hours just for fun, no matter how much it means I can eat after. But it does give me hope for the future, maybe I can do this, maybe I can be the shark I thought I was, I’m sure all these feeling will change when I cry on my 18 mile run next week, but its hope, its a light at the end of the tunnel which I never thought I’d see. I am very aware I keep comparing myself to different animals, horses, sharks, gazelles, and no I don’t know why.

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