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They Wanna Make Me Their Queen

Strange choice for a blog title I know, its the lyrics from a song that basically got me through my first 16 mile run. Its from the sound track to The Huntsman Winter’s War, I have massive girl crush on Charlize Theron and she looks epic in the film, if I was a reincarnated harsh ruler I would want to be her. This was the main focus on my run, Charlize Theron conquers kingdoms with her amazing cheekbones and I’m going to conquer my run because I’m a conquering Queen.

So  my run started out hard which was a bit of a disappointment, I hadn’t run for a while and was getting physio on my right foot and to be honest my legs felt stiff rather then rested but I powered through and after 3 miles really found my stride. Then I got the dreaded feeling that I needed a wee, despite having three wees before I left. How there was more liquid in my bladder I don’t know, but my bladder was expanding by the second and I swear I could feel the liquid sloshing around. Amazingly I stumbled across the cleanest public toilets ever known, they were so clean and didn’t even smell, so thank you Brighton council, my bladder thanks you. Turns out after all of that, I didn’t even need a wee, its amazing what your brain can focus on when it doesn’t have anything to think about. So on the next few miles to keep my brain busy I concentrated in a non stalker manner on the girl running in front of me, she had amazing hair, even up in a pony tail it was still down to her bum. I started to think about what I could do to help my hair growth along, should I use more coconut oil, hair treatments, leave in a hair mask over night? This kept my brain busy for at least three miles and before I knew it I was hitting the 9 mile mark, only 7 more miles to go and it was getting dark, my true love of running happens when its dark. The air changes when it gets dark, there is a massive sense of calm and collectiveness. It feels like you can breath and all the tension just goes… its just you, music and the road ahead. I think its because you can’t see just how far you have to go or have come, its just you at the moment in time, running which anyone can do, one foot in front of another over and over again.

All was fine until mile 11 that’s when it all went a little bit wrong, my apple watch paused itself for at least 1/4 mile, then unpaused its self when I was stood still waiting to cross a road, not great for my average pace which had been amazing up to this point. Then I just got really bored, I was tired of running, I had been running for nearly two hours and I knew I had another 30 minutes left and I was in a really boring part of my run. Its near a power station on the seafront and the pavement is uneven and covered in puddles and its boring. My legs started to feel heavy and my hip joints felt like they could do with oiling, I don’t know if that’s possible but it felt like it should be, I reminded myself of the Tin man, every muscle was getting stiff and it took all my might to keep them going. It was annoying because I felt up to it and it was my body letting me down, which is a concern because on the big day I would have another 10 miles to go (this oddly is no longer scaring me, 10 miles is not that bad and 16 miles is not that bad, put them together and the worst it can be is a bit bad).

I finished strong, running a good pace for my last mile and I even feel good about running 17 miles next week. I did leave a hair mask on my hair over night for those of you wondering what I did about my hair dilemma.

th0TAY3TFZHair like that doesn’t just happen, a bit like a run doesn’t just happen both take time and commitment, but if you keep it up it can be pretty epic 🙂

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