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On Sunday I finished the Brighton Bright10 10 mile run, this blog is about the trials and tribulations that came with that.

The weather was playing a big key in this event, its a seaside event and very exposed to the elements but recently the weather has been perfectly autumnal, clear bright crisp days. Cold enough to keep you cool and with a wind that’s a challenge but not horrible. So it was just my luck that the weather for Sunday was forecasted to be gale winds with heavy rain, I can handle one or the other but both was going to be pretty horrific especially on the seafront with no where to hide. Bright10 made an announcement on Facebook for people to be prepared for the bad weather, I wondered down to Primark and bought a light water proof jacket (there was a debate about whether it was actually waterproof) and that was me being prepared. My friend came round the night before and we ate gluten free chocolate pots (she’s gluten free, and they tasted like normal chocolate pots) and fizzy sweets and had an epic catch up, she’s the perfect friend that knows when to leave. So I got an early night and had the most weird dreams. In the morning I woke up before my alarm, which is handy because I had stupidly forgotten to actually set my alarm, that could of gone so very wrong.

I was surprised in  the morning to see on Facebook that because of the bad weather some people weren’t going to do the run, one person said that he was hoping for a personal best and due to the weather wouldn’t be doing it. Is a run not a run? Is a personal best all that matters? So if the conditions aren’t perfect and you wont get a personal best you just wont bother? I decided he was a dickhead and moved on.

Then 15 minutes before I left a miracle occurred, it stopped raining, I did not have to run in my Primark waterproof after all, thank god. Luckily for me I live 5 minutes from the starting line, so 15 minutes before it started I swondered down and joined the cold masses waiting to start. This is my 3rd organised run and a definite favourite, I think living so close is a big plus. It seemed relaxed and well organised, a world apart from the half marathon, but then maybe I was more mentally ready for it. So we set off and quickly people were over taking me and I was overtaking other people, everyone was trying to find their stride. It was windy, at one point on the way back about half a mile from the finish line we turned and were facing the sea, it literally felt like I couldn’t move forward it was that windy. People were cheering but my little tired legs were fighting the wind with every step. The run on the whole wasn’t too windy, it was windy but at the same time it could have been worse. I had been expecting wind and rain so this was a relief and I’ll take that. I pushed and felt good and at mile 6 I felt like I had a lot more to give and should be pushing myself more. Mile 7 was very different though, it got tough and I was still giving it my all. Early on I had overtaken then 90minute pacer, I was aiming to be sub 90 minutes and was terrified that if I let up that pacer could over take me at any moment. As I was on mile 8 I saw a lovely sight, my husband 🙂 he had ventured out and was waiting for me. I have never been so happy to see someone, he hadn’t said he was coming so it was such a surprise and just the boost I needed to finish. I had found it depressing at the start that I was alone, there was no one cheering me on, no one to support me. So I was so happy seeing a friendly face, and it spurred me on to pick up the pace and finish this. So finish I did, I sprinted as fast as my legs could muster and all the time I thought, this is why I make myself do sprints. They do come in handy and it really shows that when you’ve pushed yourself there’s always a little bit more to give.

After sprinting to the finish line I collect my medal and a drink and then made my way out of the well laid out finish bit and over to my husband and two dogs waiting for me. I had done it in 1:25:08, my best time so far, I was slightly disappointed that I was so close to under the 1:25 mark, but that’s something to work towards. Out of 3000 runners I came 584th and out of 1008 female runners I came 136th,  so that is something to be proud of.

So overall I took a couple of things away from the Bright10, do the run no matter the weather, don’t be a dick, take it as a challenge and push yourself. I like runs that both start and finish at the end of my road. Have some one to support you, it really does help when your motivation gets low. Sprints are very important, they do come in handy and do defiantly make you stronger and faster, so no excuses even 20 minutes once a week will make a difference.

I’m now taking a couple of easy week to recover, not just from the Bright10 but generally over the last 3 weeks I have been pushing myself everyday, I think over 3 weeks I’ve taken 2 rest days. I know I can’t keep pushing myself like that and not have consequences, so two weeks of easy workout and recovery runs (we’ll see if I actually stick to this) then 1st November…… Marathon training begins. This might be my only marathon so I am going to push myself more then ever before, I am going to give this marathon everything I’ve got. I don’t want to finish and feel I could of trained more and done better, I want to get to that starting line knowing I have done everything possible to prepare and that I am ready, for the next 5 months I will be, sleeping, eating and breathing marathon and I will be amazing.

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