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My 10 Mile Essentials

Sunday is the big day of the Bright10 Brighton 10 mile run, this wont be my longest run yet (the longest it a half marathon) but it is my first organized run in a while. First I would like to address an issue that’s been on my mind for a while, Race, why do average people call it a race “its my first race for ages”? Elite athletes can say this, they really are racing against each other and out to get a cash prize. But average people who are just out to maybe get a personal best or just the medal (I’m all about the medal), no its not a race, I’m not racing you and you certainly are not racing me. Every runner is out running their own run. You never know what some one is running for and should never compare yourself or your run to anyone else’s. Do your best (and be harsh on what your best is) and you should be bloody proud when you get to the finish line of the organised run. The person next to you could be coming back from injury and taking it easy or giving it their all and getting a personal best, either way you are not racing them, you are just running for your reason. That is until you get to the finish line, then run Forest run, sprint to the finish line and beat who ever is next to you. Also take note who is next to you because more then likely they will be in your finish line photos, and don’t pull a strange face.

Rant over and now onto my 10 mile essentials.

10 miles does not require as many essentials as you might think.

Good running shoes are going to be very important, expect to pay around the £100 mark at this point in your running life. If you cheap out it will start to show in nasty niggles or the dreaded shin splints.

Phone, at this point you could be 5 miles away and fall over and hurt your leg, you will need to call for some sort of help or lift. Or you could get lost and need Google maps to get you back home. (yes I have got lost, in Hove, a place I have lived for 4 years, lets not judge). Obviously its also good for music and tracking your runs and all the normal running stuff.

Wireless Headphone, I was constantly getting all tangled up in my own headphones while running. It was like they were trying to strangle me, its even worse running along the exposed seafront where the wind seems to come from every direction. Then came my power beats wireless headphones and I was in love. I am now onto my second pair and could never go back to being tied to my phone. If I want to break out into some run/ dance combination mid run, my arms are free to do so, and that is living the dream.

A tissue, this is a strange one but for me an absolute essential. Sweat going into your eyes…tissue. Suddenly need to blow your nose….tissue. A seam rubbing your arm at mile 8…. put a tissue there to create a barrier. Worst comes to the worst (its never come to this but you do have to be prepared) wee in a bush…. tissue. Its the unsung hero of any run, the humble tissue, take two, treat yourself.

Sports watch, if your tracking your speed and distance and trying to improve I would recommend a sports tracking watch thingy. I use the apple watch and find it good for outdoor runs but also gym classes. It has a heart monitor build in, although sometimes I do question how accurate it is.

My personal favourite, compression leggings. Oh I do love a pair of compression leggings, its like a hug for the legs, while your running. I do find my legs recover much better and faster when I’ve worn compression leggings. My muscle’s feel supported and I feel less lead like at mile 9, anything that makes my legs feel less lead like is a massive plus in my book. I’ve tried many compression leggings and my top two are sweaty betty and 2zu. Both have their pros and cons, 2xu are tight which I know is the point but I mean tight, if your having a feeling fat day they might not be ones for you. Their pro is the high waist band which is comfy and holds you in and the length, if your short like me these come to just above ankle height which is a very flattering look. Sweaty Betty have got the level of tightness just right, tight enough to compress but to tight that you feel exposed in all the wrong places. Their down fall is for me their a little long, maybe better for the depths of winter where I want no skin exposed.

So that’s it, not a lot. You’ll notice a lack of water, I don’t take water on a run, the sloshing of the liquid in the bottle makes me feel sick. So I’ve trained myself to be a camel, I can run 13 miles in the mid day sun with no water and not die. But I do drink a massive bottle of cold water when I get home, and make sure I drink plenty during the day. Now my personal essential which you might have guessed from my two pictures, be a ninja, I like to be completely dressed in black from head to toe, I am not trying to draw attention to myself while running I want to blend in with the crowd. This might not be for everyone but it works for me.img_4539

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