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Another Mountain

Its two weeks, less then two weeks now until the Bright10. There was one point in the summer, a very dark point where I didn’t think I would be able to complete the Bright10 (its a 10 mile run for those of you that can’t work it out from the name, in Brighton). It was a grey unknown cloud that was hanging over me, at this point I couldn’t run out of the way of a bus (my husband will back me up here, I am terrible at crossing roads, its a constant amazement that I’m still alive) running a mile seemed impossible. Then I did recover and training was horrible and hard and hot. I ran in heat which I should of been sunbathing in, and I got some very strange tan lines. Now things weren’t getting any easier until last week, last week I finally gave in to the notion of sprints. Want to generally run faster then you need to do sprints, I knew this all along but really hate sprints. For some unknown reason I had decided to complain about being slow and hope the problem would rectify its self over time. It didn’t, you need sprints in your life ūüôĀ¬† So last week I gave up and gave in to sprints, 30 minutes of various speeds of sprinting, walking, and running. I tried to break it down into chunks,¬†10 minutes of 1 minute epic sprinting (epic sprinting is running from a bear 100% effort sprinting) with 30 seconds walking trying to not throw up. 10 minutes of my 5k running speed for 1 minute with 1 minute of man running speed (I have very little legs so a man running speed is fast running for me). Then I finished with 6 minutes of 1 minute sprinting (80-90% effort, not so much running for your life as running after a crush). By the end I truly felt I had given it my all and was surprised at the fact not only did I not die I did well, I was fast. On Friday I did a 30 minute hill run on the treadmill. Now for a hill run I like to put it on random, its then a horrible surprise of how hard the machine will make you work. I climbed 300 meters and sweated a bucket, and remembered how much I do not like running in the gym. I must smell amazing because no matter¬†how many treadmills are free people seemed to want to run right next to me, even my sweaty resting bitchface doesn’t¬†scare them away.

I had forgotten the true joy¬†of running¬†in the autumn,¬†the cool calm¬†evenings where Brighton pier looks like its alive with fairy lights.¬†Even the autumn morning runs have a brilliant crispness that seems to make running effortless. On Sunday I went for a 10 mile run up hill to devils dyke, its all up hill until you turn around to come home and then obviously its all downhill, what goes up must come down. It was cold and crisp and I cold see my breath as I heaved myself up hill, and it was lovely. It was lovely not to sweat so much that my headphones would stop working (yep that has happened) it was lovely to feel the cold wind on my arms and to feel refreshed. Devils Dyke is part of the South Downs and its amazing that within 10 minutes of my home I can be out of the city and running in the country side breathing in so much fresh air, I swear it makes a run easier. I really didn’t want to go for that run, it was windy and I was tired. It was my 10th workout that week and my body was tired and I wanted to go back to bed. I didn’t and I went and I am so pleased I did. It felt good to complete a good 10 miler before the Bright10 and to do it in a good time. The sprints must have helped.

I am now looking forward to running the same run again on Sunday just to really feel ready for the bright10 and even hoping for the same cooling wind, although this time I might wear a long sleeved top.

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