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Will Run For Boots

Do you struggle to motivate yourself? Well if you read my last blog you’ll know recently I have done nothing but struggle, but you don’t improve if you don’t push and your not struggling if your not pushing. I have found a small solution to the struggling problem, rewards. I am very much a reward based runner. Whether its the promise of new workout clothes (my collection has now taken over two  draws) or food (gingerbread men are my weakness) or my personal favourite, new boots. Boots!! At this time of year is there anything better then new boots? No is the defiant answer, nothing is better then new boots. When you’ve made yourself get up in the dark to go to a spin class to find out its a different instructor who’s an complete dick (I was going to write an email to complain but I can’t help but think he’ll take it as a compliment) you deserve a treat. The other day I was in a spin class and feeling very unmotivated, and it occurred to myself, why? why do I have to push myself? why does every workout have to be hard? why can’t I take it easy, have a day off? this is hard and I want to stop. Boots. An exceptional person (even if I do say so myself) deserves exceptional boots, a person that pushes themselves, that works out when every fibre of their being is telling them not to, to take it easy, that person deserves boots. Hello Stuart Weitzman’s and welcome to your new home.

I am obviously not saying to buy new boots for every run, but I am saying to remember to reward all the hard work you put in. You may be running to loose weight, to stay healthy or to prepare for an even bigger run, but no one but you is making you run and choosing to run day in day out what ever the weather and to keep pushing, that needs a reward. You are doing amazing things every time you step out the door in lycra, so set up some rewards. It could be a nice meal out, a new lipstick (I do love buying a nude lipstick, still searching for that perfect your lips but better shade) or even the promise of ice cream, my point is when the going gets tough, get bargaining with yourself. I drive a tough bargain but I also run a tough run so in the end it all works out.

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