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Put Your Feathers Away

This post is a little something different, its about what I consider to be gym etiquette. What I consider gym etiquette some people might disagree with and that’s fine, your wrong but its fine.

My first point is to the ladies out there, a while ago I read a blog about a women deciding to workout in her sports bra and found it all to be a bit one sided. So her point was, its hot in the gym and she’s there to workout and wants to be comfortable, feel the breeze on her bare back. She then moved on to complain about the staring she received and how it made her feel self conscious. I should say that I don’t agree with just wearing your sports bra in the gym, if you were walking down the road and it was all a little toasty would you strip down to your bra? would you do it at work? no, because its a bra, its not a top, it doesn’t replace a top and should be worn with a top, a crop top if you have the stomach for it, but a top. Now if you do decide it is just too hot to wear a top, you are going to have to put up with some staring, from men and women alike. If a man decided it was so hot he had to work out topless the he too would get stared at, and probably taken to one side and asked to get dressed. So you are going to get some stares but if your comfortable with it the go for it, but don’t then complain about it after.

Point number two is for everyone out there, be more tidy. If you get out a couple of dumbbells, a barbell, a mat, a funny step thing and then make your own circuit, go ahead. But when your done, put the stuff back, but not just put it back, put it back in weight order. If I’m looking for a 5kg weight, I’m looking between the 4kg and the 6kg, I am not looking at the end with the big weights, the 5kg does not live in-between 13kg and 14kg. When I finish my cardio I don’t want to have to go find a space in the mat area in-between discarded weights and foam rollers, they didn’t put themselves there people, don’t be a gym slob.

My last point is about the tweeting peacocks out there, let me explain what a tweeting peacock is. They have a few behaviour characteristic, the first is the doing a set on a weight assisted machine (this is fine) then sitting there on their phone for about 5 minutes (tweeting everyone about being at the gym, this is not fine) before they do the next set, so their just hogging the machine. There is going to the gym and then there’s going to the gym, if you don’t leave a hot sweaty mess then your just fooling yourself about your ‘workout’. The second behaviour is the strutting, they will actually do some proper weights but after feel the need to strut around, often near mirrors and look at themselves a lot. No one likes a strutting or tweeting peacock. I like to think of myself as a gym lone wolf, I get in a bit dazed and confused speak to no one, do my work out, speak to no one and get out still speaking to no one. I am not a social gym animal, hence being a lone wolf. I also tend to have a resting bitch face, this helps when your a lone wolf.



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