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Race Day Face

On most days I wear very minimal make up, and if I’m going to the gym I tend to go barefaced and fancy free. There is nothing worse than sweating off your foundation and having panda eyes from your mascara.  In all honesty I am not looking to impress anyone in the gym, I am not looking my best (I tend to go a very bright pink when I’m working out) so just want to blend into the back ground. I am not a gym peacock (gym peacocks you know who you are…..).

But on race day, this all changes. It’s not that I’m trying to impress anyone but there are probably going to be photos, and this is a day I will want to remember. I am not pretty when I run, in my head I look like a relaxed gazelle having a morning frolic along the planes of Africa but this is not the reality, unfortunately. So with the reality being a beetroot red face and mascara running into my eyes I need to make some make up adjustments for race day.

I am not suggesting a full face of make-up, in fact if you go for this I think you could end up looking worse than no makeup. But I do have some tips for a barely there but photo ready looks that will survive a sweaty half marathon and have you looking mildly decent in any photos.

Eyelash extensions, now this one is depended on how committed you are, I am not suggesting the strip lashes that you remove at the end of a big night out and I’ll come back to why. I am suggesting the individual lashes that take 2 hours to apply and have to be topped up every 3-4 weeks. On the day these would be amazing, you will look wide awake and groomed with no effort and you know they are going to stay put throughout and look just as amazing at the finish line. The down side is they are expensive and it is a time commitment and it might seem a bit much just to look good in a photo. Strip lashes are no good, they will come off when you sweat and then you’re left with a weird half on half off lash look, no one wants that.

Waterproof mascara, this is for if you’ve decided not to go for the eyelash extensions it’s an either or situation, never both. Normal mascara is going to leave you panda eyed, it has to be waterproof. I would suggest two coats to get that Bambi eyelash look.

Now let’s tame those brows, no one wants to be running about with bushy eyebrows but at the same time you don’t want eyebrow pencil slipping down your face as you sweat. I would suggest just some clear gel or even some hair spray brushed through them to keep them in place.

Your base should be as light as possible, if you can, just wear a moisturizer with a SPF in it. If you do want some coverage a tinted moisturiser is the heaviest I would go, anything else will just end up patchy from where you have sweated. Sticking to the light as possible theory I wouldn’t suggest going for bronzer or blush, within 10 minutes it will be gone.

A nude lip always adds a health looking pop to your face, I would suggest going for a liquid lipstick for the long lastingness. I recently wore one to my spin class after work and was shocked to see it made it through in better condition than the rest of me. Although I did get some strange looks for wearing lipstick to a spin class, so I would suggest to go for close to your natural lip colour but a bit healthier colour.

Now with these helpful tips and tricks you should be looking bright eyed and bushy tailed even by the finish line and picture acceptable (nobody ever looks picture perfect when running’s involved).

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