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You Spin Me Right Round

You  might have noticed that its all  been pretty quiet on the blogging front, its not due to writers block, its so much worse then writers block (I’m not a writer so maybe should call it average bloggers block). I’m injured, yes that’s right all the pushing and not resting and hardly ever stretching has finally caught up with me, stretch people, its worth it. So I have pulled a tendon in my right hip, also my knee is clicking an abnormal amount, so generally my right leg wants to fall off. I haven’t run for coming up to two months, two months is a unprecedented time for me, three days used to be my limit. I’m cracking people, I am tetchy and grumpy and generally a bitch most of the time (I’m not friendly and upbeat at the best of times, but this is far worse). Normally when I feel like this I’ll just run it out, nothing cures being grumpy more then a run alone where you can run as fast as you want, its best if its raining and dark and you can pretend to be the heroine in a film.

Well I cant run it out, I have to keep everything all pent up and try and ‘spin’ it out. I’ve taken to commandeering the spin room at my gym when no one is using it, I am now the weird girl who spins alone in the dark. I don’t go to the gym to make friends. I am still also going to my spin classes on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning and enjoying it, but having someone shout at you to spin faster is not the same as running alone.


My bikini, but that’s not me in the bikini (insert whale emoji here)

To try and keep fit and get a bit toned for my holiday (I bought a Triangl bikini that has no stretch in it so getting toned is my only option) I have joined the leagues of instagrammers doing Kayla Instines Bikini Body Guide, you might have seen hash tags for #bbg. Its 12 weeks long and I am currently on week 2, and it isn’t easy and I don’t think its going to get any easier. It fits right in with my spinning, you have 3 workouts a week and each workout targets a different area and then on alternate days its down to you to do 35-40 minutes of cardio. I go away at the end of week 4 and I’m hoping to see some sort of result, my plan is to do week 5 while I’m away, most of it can be done with pretty basic equipment and the hotel does have a gym.

The nice things about BBG is the basic equipment needed, I have most of what I need at home so don’t have to go to the gym if I don’t fancy it or I’m short on time. Each workout it 30 minutes so its defiantly something you can fit it and it certainly leaves you sweaty and with limbs of jelly. Every workout it different, some moves might be the same but generally they get harder each week, so your never doing the same workout twice.

Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t taken the place of running (and I do have races coming up that I need to train for) but until I am injury free its giving me something to do and a new challenge while keeping me fit.

I am seeing a physio for my falling off leg and  it is helping, but it is defiantly a very slow process, and it might be something I always have to be weary off and keep an eye on. I am just thankful this has happened now and not a month before my full marathon, because I probably would try and run the marathon and end up with a serious injury, I am an idiot.

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