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And They Call It Mellow Yellow

I have two new loves that I found this week, one is actually an old love of mine that I’ve rediscovered and one is a clothing purchase. Who doesn’t love a clothing purchase?

The old rediscovered love is spinning, I’ve always liked spinning as an exercise class to burn calories but keep the weight of my feet and have a break from pounding the pavement. Now recently I’ve changed gym and joined Fitness First, they have a room dedicated to spinning classes, this is a new concept for me. My old gym had a spinning class once a week in the studio room and had 10 bikes but only 5 were really working, the instructor bless him did his best but sometimes the music choices were questionable, trying to sprint to soft jazz is a challenge all of its own. In walks Fitness first, I’ve heard that some gyms that offer a lot of classes sometimes the classes can just be a filler, something they offer because it looks good but actually have no substance. This is not the case here, I went to an early morning spinning class (yes I had to get up at 6:25am, I am that dedicated) thinking I was going to stroll in and amaze the class with my immense greatness. This class was a different league of hard, it was intense from the start, sprints for whole songs, hills that felt like Everest and an instructor who wasn’t afraid to tell you you were being shit. The room its self has about 25 bikes and is darkly light with UV lights, if your like me and hate other people, this works great, its really just about you and the bike and a stranger shouting to sprint faster. I loved every sweaty horrible minute of it, I can totally see why the class is only 45 minutes any more and I might of died. I was pushed and felt I got so much out of my  morning workout, all in time to be washed and ready for work (I start work at 10am, so that does help). For the rest of the day I feel great, I swear I have more energy even though I was awake much earlier then usual, the downside is I am very hungry for most of the day and its hard not to treat myself as I’ve been amazing. So I now spin twice a week at a ridiculous time in the morning and I cant see that changing any time soon, although getting up in the darks of winter to go out into the cold does seem very unlikely. But while the sun is shining I will be spinning.

My other love is linked to spinning, its the leggings in the big picture above. Yes they are bright and yes I do actually wear then. Not only do I wear them but I love them, when your getting up at a ridiculous time as previously mentioned it helps to have something bright to wake you up. I actually look forward to putting on these lemon yellow geometric printed leggings and they make me happy every time I look at my little leggies. Their from H&M and were a bargain at £19.99, I got a size S as I didn’t want the elastic waist band cut me in two when I was spinning. They have a great zip pocket on the back which is even lined to keep anything in there sweat free, a bonus for the money spent. My only down side is they are full length which means as soon as its actually starts getting warmer (this might not even happen as its England) it will be too hot to wear full length leggings. My only hope is at this point H&M will bring out something even better in a capris length. We can all live in hope of a lemon coloured capris legging.

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