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Bring It On Paris

I got in the Paris Marathon, and I’ve paid £80 for the pleasure of doing so, I must really want to run these 26 miles. After enviously seeing peoples Instagram photos of running the Paris Marathon on Sunday I couldn’t wait to sign up. I kept telling people I was doing it next year but at the back of my head I knew there was a chance I might not actually get a place and then I would look foolish, making these big running statements. Well I don’t look foolish, I’m in. And now its just up to my lovely husband to book the hotel and transport (I am rubbish with that sort of thing, I look at the first hotel and want to book that, so what if its actually 6 miles from where we want to be and you have to get a tram and 3 buses to get to it? the pictures look pretty) but we have a whole year for that.

I’ve got a half marathon in 3 weeks, and I have not been taking the training seriously. It feels like because I’ve completed one and kept my fitness levels up I’ll just be able to do it, but this one is a more trail hill affair, different kettle of fish really. I have done a few trail hill runs but only 6 miles and they have been hard, so this weekend…. come rain or shine (I have a feeling its going to rain on the day of the half marathon) I’m going to do a solid 10 mile run, up hill on the muddy trails. I have a very certain feeling it will kill me, kill or cure really, If I do well I know I’ll be good for the half marathon. If I die I’ll know I have lots more training to do and a few weeks to do it. With all this in mind, I’ve started a fitness diary and I’m enjoying it. I saw another blogger had been keeping notes on her runs, how it went, how she felt about it and so on. Sometimes (always) on a run I think this is the hardest run I’ve ever done, so much harder then all other runs, and I tend to look back on previous runs with rose tinted glasses. Once the run is done I then forget all the bad and just think oh that was good because I did it. And this attitude is fine, but I don’t really learn anything from it, I just think everything was time and then I’m shocked when next time its really hard again (I am well aware I sound like a goldfish).  Well now I have a diary which I can make notes in after, things about what foods worked well before and after, how the weather or time affected the run and notes for future me to learn from. I’ve had the diary a day but have written up the week so far including my spin classes, making a note of calories burnt and how my day generally felt after. I love it, it makes all my exercises so much more accountable, I feel like I’m really going to push myself knowing I’ll have to write about it later. It will also give me something to concentrate on when I’m running, I can think about what would I take away from this run? What have I learnt? I’m also setting myself targets, some weekly and some just for that day and I think I’ll be more driven to achieve them, cant let the diary down. It will also be handy to have somewhere to keep track of my personal bests, they are stored on my app on my phone but I don’t actually know what they are and therefore what I would have to do to beat them. I have high hopes for this small pink diary….. I’ll probably forget and give up after a couple of weeks

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